Kernersville Primary Care Medication Refill Statement

Your Doctor or Physician Assistant is trying to help you receive your prescriptions when you need them.

Please bring ALL your medications with you to your office visit (including herbal and all other supplements) so the Doctor or Physician Assistant can make sure what you are taking is accurately noted in your medical record.


Please ask for medication refills you may need at the time of your office visit. Your medication has been prescribed for a recommended amount of time. If you are out of medication without any refills it usually means you need to schedule an office visit to see how you are doing. You should call the office to schedule an appointment so the Doctor or Physician Assistant can be sure your medication is helping you by working appropriately.

Check with your Pharmacy to see if you have any remaining refills. If your prescription has expired and you have already seen your Doctor or Physician Assistant, request the Pharmacy send a copy of your prescription to the Doctor or Physician Assistant asking for additional refills of your medication. With a pharmacy copy of your prescription your Doctor or Physician Assistant can verify your prescription with your current medical record.

If you use Mail order prescriptions and you have routinely seen the Doctor or Physician Assistant as recommended, you may request written prescriptions by calling the office and asking for the medication refill line. Leave your request per the instructions on the recording. When the prescriptions are ready the staff will call you.

We appreciate your help in the medication refill process.